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The Association for Play Therapy (APT) is a national professional society established in 1982 to foster contact among mental health professionals interested in exploring and, when developmentally appropriate, applying the therapeutic power of play to communicate with and treat clients, particularly children.


Association News

New 30-Second Video Available!

The APT YouTube Channel now has a 30-second public awareness video available for use. This shorter version is perfect for promoting the value of play therapy on various social media channels! 

Browse other videos available today including the full 6-minute episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr, our Andrew and Andrés PSA's and the History Speaks series.  
Thank You For Your Contributions!

APT's public awareness campaigns are funded by your contributions to the Foundation for Play Therapy!

in 2016, APT began a public awareness campaign targeting pediatricians. This campaign included a personalized letter mailed to 30,000 pediatricians and members of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), exhibiting at the AAP Conference in San Francisco and advertisements on the Pediatric Buyers Guide (a resource for AAP members searching for professional services).

Our outreach to pediatricians continues this year with an expanded website advertising campaign and exhibiting at the AAP Conference in Chicago next month. This is in conjunction with our ongoing efforts to educate school counselors on the value of play therapy by exhibiting at the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) in 2016 and 2017.

These public awareness campaigns would not be possible without your contributions to the Foundation for Play Therapy. On behalf of Chair Franc Hudspeth and the Foundation Board, thank you for your continued support of play therapy!


APT Celebrates 35 Years!

Join APT in celebrating its 35th year in 2017! This will be a year of recognition, celebration, and looking back on over three decades of promoting the value of play, play therapy, and credentialed play therapists. Take an insider’s look into the Association’s history with a new APT Fun Fact in each weekly member flash, enter the year-long "Where's the Dude?!" Sweepstakes, and be there in October for the 35th Birthday Bash at the Annual APT International Conference in Minneapolis, MN!

Check out everywhere the Dude's been so far in the Where's the Dude?! photo album.

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