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Mining Report
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Mining for Play Therapy Intelligence

  An electronic publication to alert play therapists about current or emerging mental
  health trends, cutting-edge best practices, and other wisdom. Recent multi-
  disciplinary publications (intelligence) are scanned (mined) and citations reported
  to assist those who teach, practice, and supervise play therapy.

  Produced quarterly each February, May, August, and November. 



Issue: August 2017. Topics Include:

  • How helpful is play therapy with children who are victims of sexual abuse?
  • How might unstructured play sessions impact the level of anxiety experienced by children aged 4-7 years who are hospitalized for medical care for at least 3 days?
  • Does shared reason as a culturally responsive counseling intervention promote academic and social-emotional development?
  • What is the role of stress mindset in shaping cognitive, emotional, and physiological responses to stress?
  • Can a one week intensive play therapy course increase students’ self-perceived competence and comfort?
  • Is child parent relationship therapy effective in an online format?
  • How do Japanese and Korean kindergartners perceive play according to photos?
  • Does group play therapy help aggressive and impulsive children as compared to narrative group therapy?
  • What parental variables are associated with the growth mindset of the children of Chinese descent?
  • How important is it for clinicians to consistently seek children’s feedback in order to assist them in becoming more aware of their own skills?
  • How valid are children’s self-assessment of their own presenting issues?
  • How can Harry Potter be integrated into teaching cognitive-behavioral therapy skills to youth?
  • Which is more important to the development of social competence in children ages 4-7: the form of social play with peers, or the repetition and duration of social play?
  • What do five decades of research tell us about the effects of youth psychological therapy?


Clinical Editor

Ryan Holliman, Ph.D., LPC-S, RPT-S
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Sciences

Texas Women's University, Dallas, TX

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